World of Books in Time of Virus.

Most of us are at home with time on our hands. l guess you all must be catching up with the books you had wanted to read but did not have enough time for. I did the same. I like to write travel blogs but travel for now has become a distant dream. So, I have decided to write about the books I have read lately. I have done mainly light, feel good books because these are tough times. I rather read something light and keep my mind positive. All these books are based in the different parts of the world. I walked the streets of different parts of the world with the protagonists.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Sweden.

Stockholm, Sweden

A beautiful story of a depressed and lonely man and how his life changes after a young family invades his space and life against his wishes. A Swedish movie of the book was nominated for the best International Film at 89th Oscars. The English version with Tom Hanks in lead was supposed to be out in 2020, though now its release date is anyone’s guess. When we all have to socially distance, this book about neighborly relations and camaraderie felt right.

Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. Scotland

A Reese Witherspoon book club pick. Elinor is a lonely young woman who is suffering from psychological issues. This is the story of how she struggles for a normal life. There is everything here – romance, little bit of suspense, and a feel-good story. This is about a woman who overcomes a difficult past and learns to live and love. The movie rights were purchased by Reese. Let’s hope we get to see this book on the silver screen soon.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simion. Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Again, I await the film version of this book. It is supposed to be released this year. Bill Gates was given this book by his wife Melinda Gates. He stayed up at night and finished the book in one sitting. The next morning, he gifted it to 50 friends. Of course, I wasn’t someone he gifted it to, so I bought my own copy and read it. The main character, Don Tillman, a genetics professor is socially awkward with one goal in mind- find a wife! It’s a light read and a positive book. I found Don Tillman’s character so charming. He has Asperger’s syndrome. His innovative ways to overcome the hurdles created by his awkwardness put smile on my face. It is the first book of a trilogy.

A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza. USA

United States

This book was recommended to me by my father, an avid reader. It is totally different from other three. It’s a story of an immigrant family in America. As an immigrant myself, I could easily understand the family’s adjustments to their adopted country. The fractured relationships, and the nuances of them are poignantly described here. It brought tears to my eyes and pulled at my heartstrings. This one has all the things that makes a book a great read: family life, drama, love, culture clash, conflicts.

I know, these books are not new. They have climbed New York Times bestseller list sometimes ago but they are still good reads. Pick one up and spend few hours in the world that we knew before Covid 19. Stay safe and healthy!

Published by Neha Shah

Hi! I love to travel, I love art and architecture, I enjoy cooking, and, more recently, I've been bitten by the photography bug. My family has always respected my need to explore and observe the world outside the window. They always leave the window seat for me, be it in a car, train, or plane. They are always walking along side me when I am out exploring. I am shy by nature so I guess I am happiest when I see, observe, and imagine. When we moved to London, it was a dream come true. This city was one I read about in books and dreamed about as a child. I had visited it many times as an adult before we actually moved here, but being part of the life here has brought me out of my inertia and made me pick up the pen again. My ever present phone helps me capture the images of what I see. One fine day my pen and phone made me sit down to write my first blog post!

12 thoughts on “World of Books in Time of Virus.

  1. A lovely collection of books and photos.
    I remember buying the ‘Ove’ book for a family member but as is always the case with my siblings never heard back so I assume it stayed unread. Wish they’d give it back lol

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  2. I watched the A Man Called Ove movie and it was really good! I think I may have even shed a tear or two! I haven’t read the book yet though..


  3. My husband and I splurged and bought Barack Obama’s A Promised Land just before New Year this year and just after, a dear friend sent me another Susan Branch book – Home for Christmas. They certainly helped me think of things other than Covid.

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    1. I have downloaded President Obama’s book. But going through it slowly. In between I like to read fictions so I get distracted and put away Promised Land. The books certainly help put away the horrible things that go around us.


      1. 😁 The President’s book certainly isn’t a beach read. I’ve been reading it in between chores, work and while waiting for our food when we dine out. I agree with you on mixing our reads. I normally read my Anne of Green Gables books every single year, to clean the grit of life out of me. But Covid took too much out of last year so that was one year’s reading missed. I liked that photo you attached to the post, of the open book and that cup of tea(?) That’s how books should be read.
        Stay safe, Neha.

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