Castle Combe: Time travel back to 1600 AD

Travel to a village frozen in time to 1600 AD with my husband and I. Castle Combe near Chippenham in Wiltshire, UK is one such village. It has been a location for many movies and TV shows, some of which you might recognize from my pictures.

Salento Region of Puglia, The Heel of the Boot of Italy

As we left Polignano a Mare behind, the sun decided to play the game of hide and seek with us. The clouds would roll in with vigor. The sun would give us a wink and then hide away. We would see light in the horizon sometimes and we would smile thinking yes, we have capturedContinue reading “Salento Region of Puglia, The Heel of the Boot of Italy”

Polignano a Mare: The Cove, The Coast, The Cliffs and a Cozy Town full of Charm.

We awoke to the sound of cars passing on the rain sodden street down below. I could hear the tap tap of the rain drops falling on the metal table on the balcony of our hotel room. Oh no, I thought, I hope the rain doesn’t spoil our trip to Lecce and other towns inContinue reading “Polignano a Mare: The Cove, The Coast, The Cliffs and a Cozy Town full of Charm.”

Towns of Puglia, four Gems of Itria Valley and Adriatic Coast.

The early morning breakfast was quiet. We sat on the terrace restaurant of the hotel enjoying the view of the Adriatic Sea and Bari spread out below us. A gentle sea breeze fluttered our white tablecloth in the air. We had a plan to visit the five small towns of Puglia. I had prepared aContinue reading “Towns of Puglia, four Gems of Itria Valley and Adriatic Coast.”

Bari : Gateway to the charms of Puglia, Italy

We came out of the Naples airport on a bright and hot day. While the forecast had warnings for heavy rains and wind over the next two days – the weather when we landed didn’t give any indication of this. I was so glad that we were not going to be in either Naples orContinue reading “Bari : Gateway to the charms of Puglia, Italy”

A Journey Back in Time: A Day Trip to Historic Canterbury

Canterbury, home of the Canterbury Cathedral is an hour’s ride by train from London. A perfect day trip destination if you are in London for a brief visit.

On the Shopping Trails

One thing I missed during the claustrophobic past year was actually walking into stores to browse, to touch and feel. I missed comparing a piece with another or laughing and opining with a shopping companion. But finally, the post vaccine days of exploration have arrived. No more curbside pickups if I don’t feel like itContinue reading “On the Shopping Trails”

Pilgrimage to Chawton, Home of Jane Austen

A day trip to home of Jane Austen in the charming village of Chawton, UK. A place where she wrote Pride and Prejudice and some of her other books. She also revised three of her books in this house.