Old Spitalfield Market: Not so Old Part 2

Lunch Rush at Spitalfield  Market. The thing to go to Spitalfield Market for is food. It is a food lover’s Mecca. There are plenty of nice restaurants surrounding the main hall, but we were excited to see the variety of international and unique food available in the little booths in the main hall. So lastContinue reading “Old Spitalfield Market: Not so Old Part 2”

Old Spitalfields Market: Not so old!

Entrance from Commercial Street The Original Entrance to the Market from the Victorian times. One hot and lazy Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were just lounging around our home in London. We kept asking each other what do you want to do today. Finally it popped in my head that I wanted to exploreContinue reading “Old Spitalfields Market: Not so old!”

Walk on the Regents Canal

One Sunday in the month of June, my husband and I decided to walk the Regents Canal Walk. The canal runs from the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal to Limehouse Basin where it meets Thames. The Canal is 8.6 miles long and we decided to check out the first few miles of it. Continue reading “Walk on the Regents Canal”