Cafes and bakeries: oozing sweet charm

Petersham Nurseries Delicatessen, Covent Garden

This time the blog is about the cafes and bakeries that are famous or not so famous but part of London’s culture. Any time I pass a charming cafe I want to go in whether I am hungry or not. Sometimes I satisfy myself by just taking a photograph and moving on. I can’t go in every time, now can I? I would be double the size I am if I indulge like that! Oh, I do wish to indulge!

Though, there are times when it is too hard to resist the charm of a particular cafe or temptation of the baking and well brewed coffee smell wafting through the opened door. I then drag my husband to that place!
One thing great about the cafes and bakeries in London I have noticed is that their cakes and pastries are never overly sweet. 

Peggy Porschen Cakes
It’s pink and beautiful! One beautiful Sunday afternoon with a visiting friend we stood in a line for a table for half an hour. There were very few men around but my husband was game to stand in line too. We stood outside and enjoyed watching people posing for pictures in front of the doors to this cafe. Some people passed by giving a baffled look to the line! But the wait was totally worth it! The cupcakes we had were true to their reputation.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

This is one of the first cafes I visited when we moved to London. It was a lousy February day when London got a rare snowfall. It was a cold and snowy kind of day with wet disgusting sidewalks. I got lost. I went in circles looking for this Cafe. I was meeting a bunch of new comers like me to London for lunch. I was late of course. Lucky for me everyone had made it on time and had found a table. it wasn’t a day when I would have liked to line up. It is another pretty in pink cafe. They boast one of the most Instagrammed walls.

WA, Covent Garden

We came upon this Japanese patisserie by chance. On a recent Sunday we were exploring the Covent Garden area. The weather on my phone showed no rain. So here we were walking merrily in the by lanes near Covent Garden taking pictures. And then the heavens opened and pelted us with hail. We made a dash for the cafe we had just passed. This minimalist pretty cafe is full of charm. The strawberry shortcake was so soft and moist. I even loved their cup and saucer!

The Quince Tree Cafe, Clifton Nurseries

One of the oldest nurseries of London has lovely rustic cafe. A friend took me there. Hidden behind the charming street of Marylebone, this cafe is part of Clifton nursery. It is wonderful to have your meal siting in a nursery in the middle of the city. It was a lovely sunny day. We had gone there after lunch, so I could not do justice to the apple cake I had ordered.
B-Bakery, Covent Garden, London

My daughter and I went there for an afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday. Both of us had a wonderful mother-daughter afternoon of sheer indulgence. Well it was her birthday, so why not! This bakery is also famous for the its bus cafe. You see the famous sights of London on a tour bus while having your English afternoon tea experience. We haven’t experienced this yet, but I have chalked it down for the future. This photograph was taken by my daughter that day.

Gail’s Bakery

This bakery has locations all over London. There is one nearby where I live. I go there for their fresh and tasty baked goods. Their fresh blueberry muffins are yum! They are simply decorated but piles of fresh bread and other items lure you in. I have stood outside in the line at one of their branches at lunch time just to get in. 

The Lily Vanilli Bakery, Columbia Road

This cafe is open only on Sundays at this location. It is a popular place to order your cakes from. It seems lot of the celebrities do. I have written about this bakery in my Columbia Road blog. While exploring the area near the Columbia road flower market we had come upon this bakery. Their creations are unique and beautiful to look at. Next time you go to Columbia Flower Market definitely stop by at this bakery in The Courtyard at Ezra street for a cake, pastry, brownie or just a sandwich.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, Belgravia

I am sure by now you must be salivating for one of these little piece of decadent pastry. May be it’s time to put down your phone or whichever gizmo you are reading this blog on and run to near by cafe to satisfy your watering mouth! Maybe I will do the same.

Published by Neha Shah

Hi! I love to travel, I love art and architecture, I enjoy cooking, and, more recently, I've been bitten by the photography bug. My family has always respected my need to explore and observe the world outside the window. They always leave the window seat for me, be it in a car, train, or plane. They are always walking along side me when I am out exploring. I am shy by nature so I guess I am happiest when I see, observe, and imagine. When we moved to London, it was a dream come true. This city was one I read about in books and dreamed about as a child. I had visited it many times as an adult before we actually moved here, but being part of the life here has brought me out of my inertia and made me pick up the pen again. My ever present phone helps me capture the images of what I see. One fine day my pen and phone made me sit down to write my first blog post!

2 thoughts on “Cafes and bakeries: oozing sweet charm

  1. Pastries, deserts, sweets my weakness. Imagine wonderful locales, decors and everything ah! so sweet!The cafe culture is spreading in Ahmedabad too, once a tea loving city. I find lovely little cafes tucked in unexpected places.


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