The Summer Pleasures of London Life:

Walk around the Tower Bridge neighborhood! I am finally getting back to writing my next blog post. Life sometimes takes a few turns and it’s hard to sit down and write. But that does not mean that we have stopped exploring our adopted home. We have done plenty. I have taken hundreds of pictures. EachContinue reading “The Summer Pleasures of London Life:”

Hidden London : Historic Village of Walthamstow

The first time I heard about Walthamstow was when the Mayor of London declared it as The Borough of Culture 2019. Being new to London I had no idea what it was. Of course I had to google it to check it out. We had planned to visit it during the opening event, but, beingContinue reading “Hidden London : Historic Village of Walthamstow”

Hampstead: A walk through the charming English village

We were sitting at home on one Sunday during cold January after lunch lethargy. “We need to do something,” said my husband. “Let’s go somewhere. Don’t you have anything on your list?” I was too lazy to move from our warm home to venture out on a cold Sunday afternoon. So without much enthusiasm, I toldContinue reading “Hampstead: A walk through the charming English village”

Christmas in Wonderland

Christmas in London! The thought of it had excited me since the summer. Though, I had to tell myself a few times that it will be cold. After spending part of the last winter here in London, I shivered at the thought. As it is, I hate winter and the whole idea of walking onContinue reading “Christmas in Wonderland”

Cafes and bakeries: oozing sweet charm

Petersham Nurseries Delicatessen, Covent Garden This time the blog is about the cafes and bakeries that are famous or not so famous but part of London’s culture. Any time I pass a charming cafe I want to go in whether I am hungry or not. Sometimes I satisfy myself by just taking a photograph andContinue reading “Cafes and bakeries: oozing sweet charm”

Borough market: Foodie’s Paradise

This is one market that I have been going to for years. Since our move to London I have gone there multiple times. Not only that, I take my friends there when they visit me in London. I am a foodie so naturally one market I love going to is this one. To be honest,Continue reading “Borough market: Foodie’s Paradise”

Colors, crowds and Cheer, Columbia Road Flower Market

I love flowers. I love to see them in my home. When I read about the Columbia Road Flowers Market, I had to plan a trip there. Persuading my husband to accompany me to all my whimsical ideas is not a big deal. He knew he was needed to carry my purchases home and toContinue reading “Colors, crowds and Cheer, Columbia Road Flower Market”

Old Spitalfield Market: Not so Old Part 2

Lunch Rush at Spitalfield  Market. The thing to go to Spitalfield Market for is food. It is a food lover’s Mecca. There are plenty of nice restaurants surrounding the main hall, but we were excited to see the variety of international and unique food available in the little booths in the main hall. So lastContinue reading “Old Spitalfield Market: Not so Old Part 2”

Old Spitalfields Market: Not so old!

Entrance from Commercial Street The Original Entrance to the Market from the Victorian times. One hot and lazy Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were just lounging around our home in London. We kept asking each other what do you want to do today. Finally it popped in my head that I wanted to exploreContinue reading “Old Spitalfields Market: Not so old!”